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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Getty Images free?

On paper, Getty maintains that their images are only free for non-commercial use. But 'commercial use' on the Web is an amorphous thing and Getty has made it clear that it only wants to restrict using the free images for ad campaigns etc. The pictures can be used on blogs or websites even if they indirectly make money from them.

What is "Getty Images"?

Key people. Getty Images, Inc. is an American stock photo agency, with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States. It is a supplier of stock images for business and consumers with an archive of 80 million still images and illustrations and more than 50,000 hours of stock film footage.

What is iStock video format?

iStock video clips are available in MOV and MP4 formats. MOV files are ideal if you need to edit video clips and combine them with other elements such as text, music or graphics. You can also use them as a source file for other formats.

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