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Frequently Asked Questions

What do companies use Git?

7059 companies reportedly use Git in their tech stacks, including Netflix, Shopify, and Udemy. 110890 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Git. Bitbucket, SourceTree, Datadog, Azure DevOps, and Swagger UI are some of the popular tools that integrate with Git. Here's a list of all 147 tools that integrate with Git.

How did GitHub get started?

GitHub is nothing but a repository hosting service, started 24 February 2009. The Git project is the real origin of it, developed by one the best developers on the planet Linus Trovalds, the creator of the Linux Operating System.

Why is GitHub important?

GitHub is primarily a web platform, which hosts code repositories along with distributed version control. Today, almost every developer working on a group project or individually uses GitHub as most important tool due to its capability of making version control easier.

How do I remove files from GitHub?

Deleting files on GitHub. Simply view any file in your repository, click the delete button at the top, and commit the removal just like any other web-based edit. And just like that, , it’s gone. For help with these features, be sure to read our help articles on creating , moving , renaming , and deleting files.

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