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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GitHub script action?

GitHub Script is a special action that allows using octokit/rest.js directly in a workflow file. Over the duration of this course you will learn the skills needed to begin using the GitHub Script action to interact with your repository which will save you from creating full blown actions that carry unnecessary overhead.

How do I use GitHub script in workflow?

actions/github-script This action makes it easy to quickly write a script in your workflow that uses the GitHub API and the workflow run context. In order to use this action, a script input is provided. The value of that input should be the body of an asynchronous function call.

What is genericgithub script?

GitHub Script, a unique action that provides an authenticated octokit client and allows JavaScript to be written directly in a workflow file. Start here! All public courses on Learning Lab are free.

What is the default return type of a GitHub-script function?

By default, the JSON-encoded return value of the function is set as the "result" in the output of a github-script step. For some workflows, string encoding is preferred.

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