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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of software does the gk61 keyboard use?

For the GK61 mechanical keyboard, the GK61 software comes equipped with several useful features and customization options that will count in your favor when typing or gaming. The software is well optimized for the keyboard’s standard 60% layout.

Is the gk61 a good car to buy?

Yes, the GK61 comes with a very helpful software. However, you should expect to spend some time getting to understand and use this software before you can make anything out of it. The software has a somewhat complicated overview, which may put some people off, especially if you consider similar models within the same price range.

How big are the keys on the gk61?

All keys are standard size so spacebar is 6.24u, you can just plug and play and there are some built in lighting options already in the firmware of the keyboard, software is a bit weird to get head around though. Odds are this software is spying on us?

How can I customize my gaming experience on my gk61?

You can customize your gaming experience by modifying various lighting modes to suit your mood and add your macro settings through the software. In addition, the GK61’s optical switch makes for a quicker reaction time whenever you initiate a command via the software.

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