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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any software for a gk61 keyboard?

I recently got a GK61 keyboard off HK gaming store on amazaon - Red colour with yellow mech switches. I found a HK Gaming software for the GK61US ( but it doesn't have much functionality such as assigning keys per layer which is what I really need.

Is the HK gaming gk61xs up to date?

DO NOT update HK Gaming GK61 keyboards to 1/20/21 firmware! Okay So I have had this GK61XS for the past 2 months and I haven’t been using it much, just been sitting on the side of my desk ( I believe with it on, but the RGB off.

How big are the keys on the gk61?

All keys are standard size so spacebar is 6.24u, you can just plug and play and there are some built in lighting options already in the firmware of the keyboard, software is a bit weird to get head around though. Odds are this software is spying on us?

Can a standard layer be edited in gk61 / 64?

The standard layer can not be edited but can store up to 5 RGB presets. The driver layer will work only if the software is running in the background. The Fn key can not be remapped with the latest software. Q, w, e, r, p, [, ], Backspace, \, ;, ', Esc cannot be remapped with Fn modifier, as they are responsible for system functions.

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