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Frequently Asked Questions

What does gKg stand for in a company?

Easy and secure online payment solutions developed with cutting-edge technologies. Growth capital and buyout funding for promising businesses seeking rapid expansion. GKG is a group of leading financial technologies companies. We focus on delivering the perfect customer experience, using cutting-edge technology.

Who are the orthodontists at gKg in Wexford PA?

The people of Pittsburgh, Wexford, and Cranberry, PA trust the doctors, technicians, and staff at GKG Orthodontics to provide excellent service in a friendly environment. Drs. John Grady, Dan Kastner, and Matthew Gornick apply the same high standard of treatment to every patient, crafting beautiful smiles for people of all ages.

Why is gKg chosen as Our Risk Management and employee benefits specialist?

“PIA has endorsed GKG as our Risk Management & Employee Benefits specialist because of their strength and depth of knowledge in the graphic communications industry. When working with PIA and our members, they’ve had a steady source of creative ideas to assist our membership in understanding and solving their risk and employee benefit issues.

Do you need a DNS certificate to use gKg?

We proudly support DNSSEC as part of our continued effort to keep our products, services, and most importantly our customers secured! Protect yourself and protect your customers' personal and financial information with an SSL Certificate from GKG that encrypts transferred data. Review our notification process.

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