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Frequently Asked Questions

What did GKM do for the Greek community?

They soon perfected the meal service at their chapter facility. This prompted them to found GKM and began offering their expertise to other Greek organizations across the country. After perfecting the Greek life market, GKM expanded to ​serve any residential dining operations.

What makes GKM the best company to work with?

Our ability to tailor our services to any size makes GKM the perfect company to oversee all your facilities across the United States. GKM’s on site management guarantees stable supervision that upholds a thriving atmosphere for both customers and staff.

Who are the founders of the GKM fraternity?

Let's talk about customizing a plan for you... GKM was founded by two Fraternity brothers from Arizona State University. While collegiate members of their organization they quickly realized the challenges of running a successful meal service for their Fraternity while remaining active brothers and students.

Who are the staff and chefs at GKM?

Our staff and chefs are a diverse group with vast experience in both the facility management and the art of cooking. Our expertise makes it easier to understand our customer’s needs, accommodate dietary sensitivities, and provide delicious meals which will make your facility the premiere choice.

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