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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of real estate does KMG have?

Our portfolio is rapidly expanding with communities of all types and sizes including new Class A luxury apartments, subsidized properties, senior living and market-rate housing located throughout the nation. You have a right to know everything that’s happening regarding your property and we keep the communication lines open 24/7.

What makes KMG prestige, special?

Exceptional people delivering innovative services has resulted in KMG’s phenomenal growth and industry recognition. Today, the company stands as one of the largest residential property managers in the United States with a portfolio of more than 455 communities. What Sets KMG Apart…

What makes KMG apart from other accounting companies?

What Sets KMG Apart… We provide clients with detailed accounting of all income, expenses, budget preparation and tracking, year-end reconciliation and capital expenditures including real-time monthly reports.

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