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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of architecture does GKMP architects do?

GKMP Architects is a Dublin-based practice that designs high quality modern architecture. Our recent projects include domestic extensions, private houses, public spaces and a tourism facility in Wicklow.

What kind of company is GKMP research and production company?

GKMP" Research & Production Company” LLC" (NPO"GKMP" LLC) —is a group of companies aimed at developing engineering, electronic, nuclear and aerospace industries and sectors in the country and the world. Innovative solutions of the company have been successfully operated for more than 10 years at the leading enterprises of our country.

Is there an NPO for GKMP in Bryansk?

LLC NPO GKMP annually successfully passes external inspections and audit. The organization also regularly conducts internal audits of the quality management system. The company brought together the best specialists in its field of knowledge.

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