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Frequently Asked Questions

How many manufacturing locations does GKN Aerospace have?

A global footprint to support aerospace innovation. GKN Aerospace is the world’s leading multi-technology tier 1 aerospace supplier. With 50 manufacturing locations in 15 countries, we serve over 90% of the world’s aircraft and engine manufacturers. We design and manufacture innovative smart aerospace systems and components.

What does GKN Aerospace do with engine ducts?

Manufacture of military core engine ducts across a range of programs applying Unistructure (TM) technology to offer comparable weight to composites for significantly lower cost. Offering an industry-leading range of fan blade repair and overhaul under full FAA/EASA certification.

When to contact GKN Aerospace for AOG support?

AOG Contact. If an aircraft has to stay on the ground (AOG) for technical reasons, GKN Aerospace helps in the shortest possible time, contact one of our service centers for AOG support.

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