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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find GKN Aerospace purchasing policy?

A copy of the policy can be found in the Divisional Purchasing Information section of this supplier portal. The Following are incorporated in to any orders for products and/or services from any of the GKN Aerospace legal entities in the United States of America. i This file is saved as a PDF file.

What does VDI mean for GKN Aerospace employees?

Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) allowing remote access to an employee’s desktop files and applications on your network. Global Trade Compliance reminders for employees working remotely on GKN AEROSPACE-related business:

Are there any cyber thefts at GKN Aerospace?

We are all aware of numerous cyber-theft incidents. All Suppliers to GKN Aerospace have committed to keep our sensitive information confidential. The cybersecurity of your computer and information systems is essential for you to meet your confidentiality obligations.

Can a GKN employee use a personal email account?

Do not use personal email accounts to conduct GKN Aerospace-related business. Employees may work remotely only from the same country in which their employer is located, or the country of their regular work assignment.

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