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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes GKN Aerospace different?

From lightweight aerostructures to smart engine systems, from wiring systems to landing gear, and from ice protection systems to transparencies, GKN Aerospace is the original aerospace innovator. We make aircraft fly further, faster and greener.

Why choose gtgkn Aerospace's transparencies?

GKN Aerospace’s transparency capability supports the full range of aircraft in today’s market. From supersonic military applications like the F-35 Lightning II (JSF) canopy and the Eurofighter Typhoon to the latest in commercial aircraft transparencies such as the B747-8 cockpit window and B787 passenger windows.

Why choose gogkn Aerospace for your armourer?

GKN Aerospace supplies OEM’s and aftermarket ‘up armourers’ with a comprehensive range of solutions to defeat threats from hand gun to high velocity rifles for high optical – flat and curved parts, certified to CEN 1063, UL and NIJ standards.

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