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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the headquarters of GKN Aerospace Corporation?

GKN Aerospace also has an additive manufacturing centre of excellence at Oak Ridge National Laboratories in Tennessee and a US headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Since 2000, GKN Aerospace has invested more than $400m in research and development projects across the United States.

What does GKN Aerospace do to make things fly?

We support our customers in making aircraft fly faster, further and greener. Our smart innovative engine systems offer significant improvements in performance and fuel consumption. Protecting our employees, partners and everyone associated with the business is our number one priority.

When to contact GKN Aerospace for AOG support?

AOG Contact. If an aircraft has to stay on the ground (AOG) for technical reasons, GKN Aerospace helps in the shortest possible time, contact one of our service centers for AOG support.

Who is GKN and what do they do?

GKN Off-Highway Powertrain is a global tier one supplier of power management products, systems and service solutions to the world's leading off-highway and industrial equipment manufacturers.

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