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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of benefits do you get at GKN?

The Benefit package was nice as they let you choose from 3 that would fit your lifestyle and needs List based on reports from current and former employees. It may not be complete. Work at GKN?

What does GKN Aerospace do for the military?

GKN Aerospace delivers cutting-edge components to the world’s leading military aircraft and helicopters and provides the technology that helps military aircraft to fly faster, more safely, and with greater fuel efficiency We support our customers in making aircraft fly faster, further and greener.

Who is the retirement director for GKN North America?

For Cassandra Perry, Benefits and Retirement Director, US at GKN North America Services Inc., that’s given her confidence employee benefits will be administered flawlessly, garnering trust among the workforce and relief among the HR staff.

Who is GKN Automotive and what do they do?

GKN Automotive is a global engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to delivering mass production solutions for mobility. We are the only major Tier One supplier completely focused on automotive driveline technologies. Our expertise makes us the ideal partner for conventional vehicles, all-wheel drive systems and electrification strategies.

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