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Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees does GKN powder metallurgy have?

With 3 global innovation centers, over 400 engineers and 6,600 employees, we harness our considerable technology and manufacturing resources to supply the highest quality systems, structures, components and services. Optimized global footprint strategically located close to our customers.

Who is GKN and what do they do?

GKN Off-Highway Powertrain is a global tier one supplier of power management products, systems and service solutions to the world's leading off-highway and industrial equipment manufacturers.

Who is the new owner of GKN Sinter Metals?

EMPORIUM — GKN Sinter Metals LLC in Emporium has been acquired by American Axle & Manufacturing Inc. The plan was for American Axle to integrate the Emporium plant into its corporate structure as of this past Monday, according to a letter circulated from American Axle to GKN’s suppliers.

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