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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current affairs section of gktoday?

GKToday's Current Affairs Section is a compilation of recent current events. This section is updated almost daily.

Is the gktoday e-book a dynamic Pdf?

The PDF is dynamic and its content keeps updating in sync with GKToday’s articles. This E-Book is a dynamic PDF updating automatically when a new update or article is added in its category. This E-book is compilation of following articles published in gktoday in Legal and Constitutional Current Affairs Category in last one year.

Which is the last year update of gktoday?

This PDF e-Book is compilation of last one year updates published between July 10, 2020 to July 10, 2021 in Constitution & Law category of GKToday in reverse chronological order (latest first). The E-Book PDF file can be instantly downloaded after payment. No Hardcopy is provided.

Are there any free books by gktoday for UPSC?

For, Ebook, ebooks free, ebook for free and other important ebooks and study material and free ebooks visit the site. These books are an insurance to a great career. Gktoday has always provided the best. Insurance in every field is a must and these books for upsc by gktoay does that efficiently.

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