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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the center of learning help desk?

· GM's Center of Learning Help Desk provides support to dealerships and service technicians for technical training. Contact the Help Desk by selecting the Live Chat feature on the Help page of Center of Learning. Areas supported by the Help Desk include: Center of Learning Learning … CENTER OF LEARNING.

Where can I find the new 2021 GM service technical college course catalog?

The new 2021 GM Service Technical College (STC) Course Catalog (U.S.) is now available on the Service Technician Training, Recruiting, Retention, and Recognition App on GlobalConnect and on

What kind of questions should I ask GM supplypower?

For questions related to passwords, onboarding instructions, DUNS changes, technical assistance with the GM SupplyPower portal related to the Homepage, Bulletins, and Secure File Exchange. For questions related to GMID, GMIN, Two Factor Authentication, Supplier Provisioning, Document Library, and GM Application Support.

Why did GM partner with Northwood University?

The GM Center of Learning chose Northwood University as its educational partner because of the institution's longstanding, unique focus on business and automotive marketing/management education. Over the years, more than 2,500 Northwood University graduates have gone on to work in automotive retail positions.

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