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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of work does GMJ stand for?

GMJ publishes work that assesses global media concentration, globalization of TV genres, global media and consumer culture, the role of media in democratic governance and global justice, media reception and cultural practice, the commercialization of news and new media technologies, and the formation of alternative media.

Who are The GMJ global mobility HR professionals?

GMJ is honoured to have so many GMJ Ambassadors, HR Global Mobility Professionals, being part of the GMJ Community and helping to make our amazing Documentary Channels. This is a channel of focus and celebration on them and just a small proportion of those in the EMEA region.

What do you need to know about GMJ Congress?

GMJ Congress is a safe place for GMJ Ambassadors (HR Mobility) to connect and learn. GMJ Congress Reflections are interviews of the HR Chairs sharing their positive reflections. Share this documentary channel on social media!

How is Global Mobility continues to evolve GMJ?

GMJ Ambassadors explore how Global Mobility continues to evolve. In our fast paced world, Global Mobility is constantly evolving. The GMJ Ambassadors discuss ways GM has changed and predict what they believe to be the next steps for mobility. Share this documentary channel on social media!

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