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Frequently Asked Questions

How important are shooting strings in a goalie stick?

Shooting strings in a goalie stick are sometimes an afterthought when stringing up a goalie head. But they impact your throwing ability heavily and the overall performance of the pocket. Between nylons and hockey laces, straight across and U’s, high and low placement there are lot of options.

What's the best resource for stringing lacrosse pockets?

Welcome to uSTRING, the best resource for stringing lacrosse pockets. Stringing the perfect pocket is easier than ever! With uSTRING, you have access to all the best patterns and tutorials for high, mid, and low pockets in all our favorite heads.

What is the lightest goalie in the world?

The Voidlyte is the lightest goalie head in the world. Being smaller then other heads, it makes up for saving area with its weight. Though the Void does not use flared sidewalls, it has a very similar face shape to the eclipse.

What makes an ideal shooting string setup?

An ideal shooting string setup allows the ball to zip out the pocket. When you have a look at a picture of a goalie with a release in motion you can really see what the shooting strings do: See how the shooters “grip” the ball and provide a smooth release that’s not off the top of plastic.

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