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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about the gocontrol line?

Our GoControl line includes premium smart solutions like: Smart garage door controllers, smart thermostats, smart light switches, smart light bulbs, smart plug-ins, smart outlets and more! GoControl products are easy, practical and affordable smart solutions to keep you in control and in touch with the pulse of your smart home from anywhere.

How does gocontrol work with smart home hubs?

Understated enough to blend with any home décor, GoControl products seamlessly work with any certified Z-Wave hub to provide design-friendly and functional smart home control both at home and away. Quickly add dimmable control to a lamp with the EM Lamp Module. A simple plug-n-play device, lighting control has never been easier or greener.

What makes gocontrol the best home automation system?

GoControl gives you smart home affordability, ease-of-use and compatibility with today’s most popular automation controllers and products, making GoControl the smartest solution available today. GoControl smart products are so easy to install – and they work with nearly everything else that talks Z-Wave®.

How many lights can I control with gocontrol?

Control any device, light or lights from anywhere you have power, with no new wiring needed. The Smart 3-Way Switch can control up to 5 dimmers and 5 on/off switches, with no extra wires. No more traveler wires, no more limits.

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