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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gogocontrol?

GoControl products are easy, practical and affordable smart solutions to keep you in control and in touch with the pulse of your smart home from anywhere.

What makes the control hub unique?

The Control Hub is purpose-built to stand up to the rigors of the classroom and the competition field with ESD and reverse polarity protection. Running the Android operating system gives the Control Hub the flexibility to control both basic and advanced robots while also being field-updatable as new features are developed.

What software do I need to run the control hub?

The Control Hub must run v5.0 or higher of the Robot Controller application and paired with a v5.0 or higher Driver Station application. To make sure your Control Hub is running the latest software, use the REV Hardware Client.

How many smart control products can I add to gocontrol?

Add as many smart control products as you wish. GoControl gives you smart home affordability, ease-of-use and compatibility with today’s most popular automation controllers and products, making GoControl the smartest solution available today.

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