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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a SSL certificate?

To create an SSL certificate and apply it to a listener: From the top menu, select . The Listeners page opens. Click the of the listener you want to open. The Edit Listener page opens. Under , click . The Listener Encryption Settings page opens. Next to , click . The Select SSL Certificate page opens. Click . The Create SSL Certificate page opens.

How do you get a SSL certificate?

You need to install an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate in order to enable HTTPS. The certificate contains a public key, which is needed to begin the session securely. When an HTTPS connection to a web page is requested, the website will send the SSL certificate to your web browser.

Which does SSL certificate do I Need?

Domain Validated Certificate (Comodo) For situations where the general public will be visiting a secure section of your site (e.g., making a payment by credit card), you'll want to utilize a private SSL certificate such as this one. It is directly tied to your domain name, letting customers know they are on the correct website.

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