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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Godot good for beginners?

Theoretically Godot Is good for beginners and has great documentation and uses "GDScript" by default as its language which isn't dissimilar to python. However the engine itself has a lot of great functionality that can be plugged in and this sort of work flow is not great for beginners.

Is Godot a good game engine?

yes I think so GODOT is a great engine, many nice games are made with GODOT. It has almost every features that a game should be, nice environment for 2d and 3d game development. The most amazing thing is that is its open source and you dont need to pay to use this engine.

Is Godot a good engine?

Godot is a good engine. While not as powerful or feature rich as Unity or unreal, its features are well made without bloats.

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