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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Goebel figurines that are not Hummels?

Note: Goebel produces figurines that are not affiliated with Hummel. In other words, not all Goebels are Hummels, but all Hummels are Goebels. Goebel Hummel figurines have had some variations in the maker’s mark over the years.

How do you clean a Goebel Hummel figurine?

Place your Hummel on a flat surface and cover the air hole on the base of the figurine. Brush over your Hummel using a soft brush such as a makeup brush that has been dipped in lukewarm water with a mild soap. Rinse the figurine carefully with a soft cloth that has been dipped in clean water to remove any soap.

Who are the Berta Hummel figurines inspired by?

M.I. Hummel figurines are models of the drawings of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel. However the Berta Hummel products and figurines are inspired by her artwork. These figurines are not models of her drawings, but are authentic Goebel Hummel products.

How much does a Goebel little gooseherd cost?

Sometimes referred to as Little Gooseherd in older catalogues. There are many size variations between the older and newer models, with the blades of grass that’s found between the geese reducing in size or being completely eliminated in the newer models. Hum Number: 47/III, Size: 12.50″ TMK 8, Price: $2000 USD

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