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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the beaches closed on the Gold Coast?

Foster's lawyer criticises fresh fraud charges after Queensland Police last week issued a warrant for his client's arrest and whose whereabouts remain unknown. Some beaches are closed on the Gold and Sunshine coasts as the Bureau of Meteorolgoy warns wild surf is forecast to develop along south-east Queensland today.

Is there going to be an anniversary episode of Gold Coast?

While an anniversary episode seems unlikely, one of the show's main stars has hinted at a potential reunion. An independent taskforce set up by the Queensland government outlines 13 proposals to address domestic violence following a series of murders and attacks on women and children over the past year.

Are there still holiday dollars on the Gold Coast?

Another 10,000 Gold Coast 'Holiday Dollar' vouchers up for grabs! Some good news for the thousands of people who missed out on the latest round of the Gold Coast 'Holiday Dollar' Vouchers. The State Government has today announced that it's rolling…

What was the gas explosion on the Gold Coast?

A gas explosion at a Gold Coast coffee shop has injured three people, with two suffering significant burns to their face, limbs and abdominal areas. The workers were said to be testing gas equipment.

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