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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Gold Coast School for real estate?

Whether you are making the decision to start a new career by obtaining your real estate license, or are looking to renew your current license with post-license, continuing education, or career development courses, Gold Coast Schools offers the courses needed to do so.

What do you need to know about Gold Coast schools?

Your education will combine the state required information with real world examples so that you are fully prepared for success beyond the classroom. Whether you are getting your license, or renewing an existing license with continuing education, Gold Coast offers all the courses needed to do so.

Is there Gold Coast School of insurance in Florida?

The high demand for insurance coverages makes careers in insurance promising and profitable for licensees with the knowledge and skills to serve their customers. Gold Coast Schools offers one of the finest insurance licensing programs available in Florida.

How to contact Gold Coast schools for online courses?

Additionally, you can trust that your student records will be maintained and any necessary reporting will be handled properly, protecting not only your license, but also your career. If you have additional questions about any of our online or classroom courses, please contact our helpful Career Counselors at 1-800-732-9140.

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