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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact Gold Coast School for real estate?

If you have additional questions about any of our online or classroom courses, please contact our helpful Career Counselors at 1-800-732-9140.

Who are the Gold Coast schools in Florida?

Gold Coast Schools is Florida’s leading provider of classroom and online real estate, insurance, construction, mortgage, CAM, and appraisal courses.

When did the Gold Coast schools first open?

Gold Coast Schools has helped more than a million students achieve, maintain, and enhance their professional careers since opening in 1970.

Is it safe to use Gold Coast schools?

Since 1970, Gold Coast Schools has proudly educated more than a million students by offering the best online and classroom education courses. Please update your browser's security settings. To maintain the highest security standards, we will be disabling support for browsers using TLS 1.0. Learn more and upgrade your browser here.

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