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Frequently Asked Questions

How many games are there in the Gold Cup?

Teams compete over 3 set high level games in an intimate and manageable environment in front of top NCAA college recruiters from all levels. Teams and players are treated to a first class experience from the most professional team in events with 20 years of event operational experience.

When does the Virginia Gold Cup race start?

The Virginia Gold Cup Association, along with the other Spring race meets, has made the decision to move race dates for 2021. We will be hosting the 96th running of the Virginia Gold Cup on May 29, 2021. This decision was made to have the most favorable race environment for our spectators and our horseman.

Where to tailgate at the Virginia Gold Cup?

Tailgating at the Virginia Gold Cup races is a time-honored tradition, so make the most of the day and participate in the Tailgate Contest. The best tailgates have a theme, decorations and special food and drink recipes. Reserved tailgating spots are available on the North Rail, South Rail, and on Members Hill.

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