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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a gram of gold in Raipur?

Today, the 24kt gold price per 10 grams in Raipur is INR 46,580.00, today's 22kt gold price per 10 grams in Raipur is INR 44,580.00, 21kt gold price per 10 grams today in Raipur is INR 42,554.00, today's 18kt gold price per 10 grams in Raipur is INR 36,475.00. What was the price of gold in Raipur yesterday?

Which is better 22k or 24K gold in Raipur?

Today's Raipur 24K Gold (99.9%) Price is updated here, watch this current Raipur 24K Gold (99.9%) Price before buying, 24K Gold is 99.9% pure and always costs higher than 22K Gold rate and 24K Gold i.e., 99.9% Pure Gold would fetch you a higher price.

Which is the best gold market in India?

Thus Raipur is now boosting the gold market in India. In Raipur, mainly Gold is consumed in the form of jewelry and ornaments. There are several large and small gold dealers in Raipur, forming the backbone of the good local gold market. Thirst and demand for gold is increasing each and every day in Raipur.

Which is the best Gold City in Chhattisgarh?

The city has a large population of over a million residents and is among the top consumers of gold in the state. Gold rate in Raipur is a good benchmark for analysing the gold rates in Chhattisgarh. The city has a number of jewellers and dealers catering to the rising demand for gold.

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