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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the price of gold affect gold stocks?

Gold stocks are levered against the price of gold, meaning they are more volatile. When the price of gold goes up, gold stocks go up even more. And when the price of gold goes down, gold stocks sink even lower. Let’s say, for example, that the price of gold is $1,200 per ounce.

Which is the best gold stock to buy?

Franco Nevada is one of the best-performing gold stocks in history. They gave investors approximately 400% returns since their IPO a decade ago, and dramatically outperformed the price of gold. This doesn’t even include their dividends: They’re a streaming/royalty company rather than a miner.

What is the stock price of Barrick Gold?

Estimated return represents the projected annual return you might expect after purchasing shares in the company and holding them over the default time horizon of 5 years, based on the EPS growth rate that we have projected. Barrick Gold (GOLD) closed the most recent trading day at $20.86, moving -1.93% from the previous trading session.

Why are gold stocks good for your portfolio?

On the other hand, safer gold stocks with low debt and low AISC don’t jump quite as fiercely when gold goes up, but they survive better through the full market cycle if gold gets historically cheap. Having gold and gold stocks as a small part of a portfolio acts as a hedge against currency weakness, inflation, and economic instability.

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