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Frequently Asked Questions

How does BTG B2Gold affect the stock price?

$BTG $MUX $IAG $AUY Same routine everyday. They start gold's price action to the upside only to bring it back down during the course of the day. In this manner, they suppress stock prices while pog is relatively flat.

Which is the best gold stock to invest in?

$BB On the bright side, WHO's LONG GOLD STOCKS? $ABX $KL $KGC $PAAS to the MOOOOOOOOOON! $KL Target CIBC World Markets Outperform CAD 77.5 $GLD has now closed its gap, but $GDX is still $2 away.

What was the stock price of Gild in the 50's?

This stock made me wealthy and it just keeps paying out, year after year after year. It was great adding in the 50’s, begged folks to buy but they were busy trashing the company, they look like bloody fools now. Another year and we’ll see $100+ PS

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