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Frequently Asked Questions

What is goldgoldbelly?

Goldbelly is a curated marketplace for Gourmet Food & Food Gifts. We feature America’s most legendary and iconic foods and gifts that you can order directly to your door.

How many restaurants sell food on Goldbelly?

Around 850 restaurants sell food, ranging from pizza to meal kits from Michelin-star chefs, on Goldbelly. Credit... While prominent chefs signed up early on, others were more reluctant.

How has Goldbelly changed over the past year?

The average order size has grown roughly 20 percent over the past year, and Goldbelly’s work force has swelled to more than 130 people, including a new chief operating officer and chief financial officer. “We think we’re just at the beginning of the food e-commerce revolution,” Mr. Ariel said.

Who is behind Goldbelly’s new financing round?

Spectrum Equity, the investment firm that is leading the new financing round, reached out to Goldbelly last year as it saw how the company was able to connect local restaurants with a national audience.

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