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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Goldbelly deliver to Magnolia Bakery?

America’s 170+ best bakeries & cake shops deliver nationwide with Goldbelly! Order gourmet desserts & pastries from Carlo’s Bakery, Bouchon Bakery, Magnolia Bakery, and more—shipped in as soon as one day, or schedule your delivery up to 60 days in advance. Guaranteed to arrive fresh & delight.

Do you want to dish out a suggestion to Goldbelly?

Wanna Dish out a Suggestion? Don’t see an iconic food maker you love? Whenever you’ve got an appetite for regional fare, the Goldbelly team will try to satisfy your craving. Your Dish is Our Command. Thanks for Giving Us Some Food for Thought!

What are some of the best thank you notes for Goldbelly?

You’ve made all my foodie dreams come true." "Goldbelly is a blessing—it has brought so much happiness to our friends and family over the previous weeks. Thank you for being there and encouraging people to support restaurants that are in need of business!"

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