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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the prices for Golden Corral?

The prices are quite low, considering it is an all-you-can-eat buffet. Many nights, you can eat dinner for around $12, and even steak and shrimp night is just a couple dollars more. Lunch costs even less-generally around $9 . Golden Corral is awesome if you have a house full of hungry kids to feed, since they can each eat for under $7 (those under 3 years old eat for FREE).

What is the price of lunch buffet at Golden Corral?

Dinner and lunch at Golden Corral will cost you around $7 and $14 per person. The costs are going to depend on the time of the day, geographical location, and whether or not any promotions are going on. Breakfast usually varies depending on the location of the outlet, but it usually costs less than $10.

Does Golden Corral serve steak at lunch?

Steak is served every day at Golden Corral. However, they only serve it at the lunch and dinner times. Anyway, you won't be ordering steak for breakfast.

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