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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the golden ratio of Art?

Numerically, the golden ratio is roughly 1.618 to 1. But for your art, you don't need to worry about the exact number. With a ruler and a pencil, you can quickly divide the entire canvas to create a workable basis for your composition designed around the golden ratio.

What does the golden ratio mean?

What is golden ratio. The golden ratio, also known as the golden section or golden proportion, is obtained when two segment lengths have the same proportion as the proportion of their sum to the larger of the two lengths. The value of the golden ratio, which is the limit of the ratio of consecutive Fibonacci numbers,...

How do you explain the golden ratio?

Key Takeaways The golden ratio describes predictable patterns on everything from atoms to huge stars in the sky. The ratio is derived from something called the Fibonacci sequence, named after its Italian founder, Leonardo Fibonacci. Nature uses this ratio to maintain balance, and the financial markets seem to as well. More items...

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