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Frequently Asked Questions

Are golden retrievers a good family dog?

About Goldens. A Golden Retriever lying in a puddle. Golden Retrievers are very good family dogs because they extremely sweet and gentle with young children and do not bark very much. They are known for having a "soft mouth," and some have even been seen carrying raw eggs in their mouth without breaking them.

What dogs were used to get a golden retriever?

Written by A. Coxton, it challenged the Russian theory and instead stated that a later Lord Tweedmouth, a grandson of the first, had said that the Golden Retriever breed started with a dog purchased by the first Lord Tweedmouth from a cobbler in Brighton. This dog was the only yellow in a litter of black Wavy-Coated Retrievers .

Are golden retrievers the smartest dogs?

Yes, golden retrievers really are intelligent dogs, they are the fourth smartest dog breed, just behind border collies, poodles, and german shepherds. So yes, you can say they are pretty intelligent. Golden retrievers can also learn over 165 words and it's easy for them to pick up on our emotions.

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