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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Golden State Warriors in the NBA?

The Golden State Warriors have been known to be among the NBA's most tech savvy franchises so it just seemed natural for the team to host dozens of Bay Area high school students for a STEM event.

Who is starting wing for Golden State Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors must make an important decision on starting wing Andrew Wiggins, who could face an unusual situation where he is left unable to play half of the games this season.

Why is Andrew Wiggins not playing for the Golden State Warriors?

The NBA has denied Golden State Warriors swingman Andrew Wiggins ’ request for a religious exemption to vaccination. That means he may not be able to practice or play in his team’s home games this year unless he meets San Francisco’s strict requirements for inoculation at indoor events.

When do the Golden State Warriors play in San Francisco?

The Warriors are due to commence their 2021-22 NBA season against the Los Angeles Lakers on October 19. The San Francisco mandate does not take effect until October 13.

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