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What is the salary cap for the Golden State Warriors?

Golden State Warriors Team Payroll. 2020-21 Salary Cap: $109,140,000 ( Salary Cap History) ...

Who are the players on the Golden State Warriors?

Payroll Notes Table Player Notes Shaun Livingston Waived using stretch provision July 10, ... Juan Toscano-Anderson Converted to standard contract May 13, 2 ... Gary Payton II Signed 10-day contract April 8, 2021. Gary Payton II Signed second 10-day contract April 19, ... 17 more rows ...

What does credit balance on Golden State Warriors mean?

The "credit" balance remains as an exception that can be used within the next year to acquire salary via trade without further relinquishing additional salary. Denotes the Warriors current standing in terms of the luxury tax threshold. Teams that spend over the threshold pay fines (estimated below).

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