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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Goldendoodle a good family dog?

Goldendoodles can be a great family dog provided that owners know what kind of dog they want. The Goldendoodle has a lot of energy, is extremely friendly, and doesn't require a lot of grooming. With proper socialization, it's great for all members of the family.

What name is best for a boy goldendoodle?

Top 100 Goldendoodle Boy Names Kona (Our dogs name!) Yogi Snoopy Simba Woody Paddington Elvis Bear Coco (Cocoa) Copper Moose Honey Peanut Chewy Pebbles Brandy Guinness Amber Sierra Reese Snickers Muffin Hershey Biscuit Bagel Whiskey Waffles Java Caramel Forest Bacon Chocolate Noodles Toffee Pancake ...

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