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Frequently Asked Questions

Are goldendoodles good apartment dog?

The Goldendoodle is a dog that is versatile, in that it can be easily bred for size. In other words, there is a Goldendoodle that can be found to meet your size requirements, based on the type of living environment that you have. In that case, if you live in an apartment, you can buy a mini Goldendoodle.

Are mini goldendoodles good dogs?

The quick rise of the popularity of Mini Goldendoodles is due to the dogs themselves. They are highly social dogs who are good with strangers and make great family pets. They have become a popular sought after pet and make great therapy dogs as well.

Is a goldendoodle an official breed?

A goldendoodle is not an official breed, but it is a crossing of a standard poodle with a golden retriever. Although the breed status may change in the future, these dogs are not currently recognized as standardized by any major kennel club in the world today.

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