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Frequently Asked Questions

Should goldendoodles become a recognized dog breed?

As they're technically mixed-breed dogs, goldendoodles are not recognized by the AKC or other international purebred dog registries. And as of 2019, no breeding clubs have formed to promote the development of a breed standard. However, they are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club and can be registered with that organization.

Are goldendoodles really non-shedding dogs?

The answer to do Goldendoodles shed is yes , at least a little. But if they are carefully bred their shedding can be kept to a minimum. Plus if you brush your Goldendoodle regularly the hair that does come out will be on the brush not on your floors or clothes. This makes some Goldendoodles appear to be non-shedding.

Are goldendoodles good apartment dog?

The Goldendoodle is a dog that is versatile, in that it can be easily bred for size. In other words, there is a Goldendoodle that can be found to meet your size requirements, based on the type of living environment that you have. In that case, if you live in an apartment, you can buy a mini Goldendoodle.

Is a goldendoodle the right dog for You?

Here are the reasons why goldendoodle is the right dog for you. 1. Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic. Goldendoodle is typically a low-shedding hybrid, which is good for people who love dogs yet sensitive to shedding hair. Though goldendoodle does shed to some degree, but breeders claim it is hypoallergenic.

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