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Frequently Asked Questions

What plants can I put in a goldfish pond?

Best Edible Plant Species for Goldfish (Tasty & Healthy Choices) Banana Plant ( Nymphoides aquatic) Duck Weed ( Lemnoideae) Fanwort ( Cabomba) Water Sprite ( Ceratopteris thalictroides) Water Wisteria ( Hygrophila difformis)

How often should I Feed my pond goldfish?

Feed the fish in your pond with a food specifically made for goldfish, according to the product guidelines. Do not overfeed. In the summer, when pond water is at its optimal temperature of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the metabolism of goldfish quickens, and they can be safely fed twice a day.

Can I take my Goldfish to a pond?

As goldfish can grow to such a large size, a garden pond can be a great place to keep your fish. However, building and maintaining a goldfish pond can be a daunting task for anyone used to keeping goldfish in a tank.

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