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Frequently Asked Questions

What does your goldfish poop look like?

My common goldfish has white, stringy poop. The poop was about 1 inch long and it has some brown parts but mostly white. I feed Omega One sinking pellets but they have a habit of gasping at the surface (I used to feed them flakes *facepalm*). Anyways last week there was two bubbles in its poop so I was instructed to soak the food before feeding.

How do I get my Goldfish to stop eating their poop?

Keep the lights off, keep the water healthy and offer them only plain cooked veggies for the next 4 days. Broccoli florets (flower part) is a good one that goldies love. If its just stress, you should notice his waste as nice, firm healthy strands of green. Do not offer any fish food.

Why is my fish's poop so clear and stringy?

Both of them have almost done more harm than good. Long stringy white poo can be constipation, bacterial infections, internal parasites. Clear poo can be the fish hasn't been eating, internal parasites. The poo is mostly clear and stringy, but it has some pinkish-reddish poop attached to it. (regular poop.) Do any fish look skinny or bloated.

What does it mean when a fish has yellow poop?

If you see yellow to white feces and/or the long, lumpy, stringy, and segmented poops present in the tank water or hanging from the fish’s anus, then you should be concerned about possible diseases such as intestinal parasites, internal infections, high levels of stress, and etc.

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