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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Goldman Sachs a stock for the long term?

One good stock to own for the long run is Goldman Sachs ( NYSE:GS). Image source: Getty Images. Goldman Sachs is known primarily as an investment bank, the second-largest in the world. But investment banking is only its second-biggest business; first is global markets, which is the institutional trading arm.

Is Goldman Sachs undervalued?

Goldman Sachs indicated that the country's Eurobonds that have a maturity of three to seven years are undervalued. The report said that Lebanon's Eurobonds, along with those of Tunisia (41 bps), are the only "undervalued" bonds among 21 B-rated sovereigns included in Goldman Sachs' universe.

Is Goldman Sachs a buy?

Goldman Sachs has been changing its business profile in recent years, but its business is still heavily exposed to capital markets. Goldman Sachs Is A Buy (NYSE:GS) | Seeking Alpha

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