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Frequently Asked Questions

Do they still do Saab?

They used to do SAAB ( and may even do them still) but now they do Range Rovers and Land Rovers. Apparently they spent over 5 years accumulating over 400 old broken cars and now have all the parts...

Where can I buy used Saab parts in New York?

Additional info: The Goldwing Used SAAB Parts Warehouse business hours information is not available yet. Users can visit this business in the neighborhood of the town of Parish (New York). Its preeminent business area is the sale of vehicle parts at the lowest prices in the area and offering all the warranties that you may wish.

Is the Honda Goldwing a comfort and Naviga?

This Goldwing is a comfort and naviga... Great shape and runs perfect. 2022 Honda® Gold Wing Tour Automatic DCT, 2022 Honda® Gold Wing Tour Automatic DCT RIDE MORE.

What makes the Honda Gold Wing so special?

One look and your eyes will immediately go to the Gold Wing’s radical, Honda-engineered double-wishbone front suspension. The innovative design changes the path the wheel travels through the suspension stroke, and that lets us move both the engine and the rider/passenger closer to the front wheel. You get more room, and stellar handling.

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