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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I post new topics on for Goldwing?

For Goldwing "How To" and other useful topics originally posted in the Technical forum, which we moved here for easier reference. You can reply to posts here but can't post new topics.

How does the DCT work on the Gold Wing?

The DCT eliminates the need to grab the clutch, which for many long time riders is second nature. When they reach for the phantom clutch, though, the DTC shifts just as they reach for it. Owners and testers of the Gold Wing have been impressed, despite this minor issue for concern.

Is the Honda Gold Wing a reliable long distance bike?

Though people do complain about these problems, the Honda Gold Wing is a reliable long distance bike. in addition to the complaints, owners also say they would definitely buy another Gold Wing. In fact, several of the replies in the thread came from people on their second or third Honda Gold Wing.

Are there any problems with the Honda Gold Wing?

The Honda Gold Wing is one of the most popular touring motorcycles in the world. It is known for its “bullet proof” reliability. There are Gold Wings on American roads today from decades ago, when they were still manufactured in on US soil in Ohio. However, the beloved Honda Gold Wing has run into a few problems over the years.

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