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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best restaurant stocks to buy?

While many investors like the American company post-spinoff, other investors think the mainland China operator is among the best restaurant stocks to buy. That's not just because of its three powerful American brands, but also its Little Sheep, Huang Ji Huang, COFFii & JOY and East Dawning restaurants.

Is McDonald’s a good restaurant stock to buy?

McDonald’s is one of just 30 stocks on the Dow Jones Industrial average. It’s also the only one of these restaurant stocks on the Dow. The company’s long history of success makes them more likely to rebound than less established restaurants. Shake Shack is a popular burger restaurant that is quickly expanding globally.

Are restaurant stocks poised for a comeback?

Rutherford says some full-service restaurant stocks are poised for a comeback, while a handful of top quick-service restaurant stocks are still compelling buying opportunities. Here are seven restaurant stocks to buy that are great reopening plays, according to Stephens.

How do I download a list of all restaurant stocks?

You can download a free Excel spreadsheet of our list of ~100 restaurant stocks (with metrics that matter like dividend yields and payout ratios) by clicking the link below: Click here to download your restaurant stocks list now. This article will discuss our top 7 restaurant stocks.

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