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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download Google APK?

Go to Google Play Store and search the app for which you want to download APK file on PC. When the app description page opens, click ‘Install’ button and you will get ‘Download APK’ option. Click to initiate a download of the APK file.

What is APK file manager?

File Manager APK. File Manager helps you manage all your files efficiently! With an intuitive interface, File Manager allows you to handle any file or folder whether they are stored in your device, microSD card, or cloud storage accounts.

How do I Manage my Gmail accounts?

Go to your Gmail account and click “Create a Filter” (at the top, next to the search box). Put his or her email address in the “from:” field and click the “next step »” button. This is where the magic happens…. Check the box next to “Skip the Inbox (Archive It)”, and check the box next to “Apply the label:”.

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