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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set Chrome as my default browser?

Windows 10 Install Chrome if it isn't installed yet. Open the Start menu and click or tap "Settings.". Select "System" from the Settings Home menu. Click or tap the "Default apps" tab. Select the "Web browser" option. Choose Google Chrome to make it the default. Use the Control Panel if your settings aren't being saved.

What is the best Chrome browser?

Google Chrome, then, is by far the most used browser, accounting for well over half of web traffic, followed by Safari in a distant second place. The combined IE & Edge comes in third, with Firefox in fourth. Opera is fifth with less than 3 percent of global web traffic.

Is Google Chrome a good browser?

Chrome is ubiquitous — and for good reason. With a robust feature set, full Google Account integration, a thriving extension ecosystem, and a reliable suite of mobile apps, it’s easy to see why Chrome is the gold standard for web browsers. Chrome even blocks some ads that don’t conform to accepted industry standards.

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