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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I launch Google Earth?

Press Windows Key. Right click on the top most result and select open file location. It Will open a new Window,on that right click on google earth and select create shortcut. Now you can launch earth directly from desktop.

How do I download Google Earth to my computer?

Installing Google Earth on Your Computer Check that your computer meets the requirements. Visit the Google Earth website. Click the "Google Earth" link. Click the Desktop option. Click the "Download Google Earth" button. Read and agree to the Terms of Service. Click "Agree and Download". Install Google Earth. Start using Google Earth.

Is there something better than Google Earth?

While there is no full-fledged Google Earth alternative that covers all the features, you can take a look at Zoom Earth . It offers excellent aerial views around the world and in fact, the image quality is better than Google Earth. Q. Which Google Earth Version is Best?

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